Jewellery for every special occasion

In addition to our wedding rings and engagement rings, we can also design jewellery to commemorate your special moments. These make for wonderful gifts to celebrate a birth, birthday or anniversary or just because you love seeing someone. Memorial jewellery is also a lovely way to preserve treasured memories.

Love Letters

This initial jewellery features a timeless design that also expresses a message. Wear a piece with your own initials or those of your children, your beloved or someone you miss very much. Or select a matching set of Love Letters to wear together with your best friend or sister. We’ll subtly incorporate your chosen initials into a ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings.


The resulting design is contemporary and stylish, but above all, intimate. As the letters are only visible from the side, you can carry them close to you as a personal act of remembrance. Opt for a single letter or two in combination.

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Want to celebrate a birth in a very special way? Birthstones are coloured gems associated with a specific birth month. Every stone has its own unique meaning and is presented in an understated design. A letter is engraved under each gem, usually the first initial.

People used to believe that gemstones granted the wearer good fortune, health and prosperity. These days, they are a way to give a gift that’s out of the box. You can give new parents birthstone jewellery to commemorate their child’s birth month, for instance. Birthstone jewellery also makes a lovely gift for someone’s own birthday.

At this time, KUBINI only incorporates birthstones in fully bespoke jewellery designs.

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