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Gold engagement rings

An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery. Along with the gift of a beautiful gold ring, possibly with a diamond, you’re presenting a symbol of your everlasting love. Lovely, isn’t it? Of course, this also means you’re willing to go all the way to find a unique engagement ring for your beloved. You want a ring that symbolises your love, but also suits your intended’s personal style and taste in jewellery.

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Choosing an engagement ring

You know for sure that you want to ask your partner to marry you. How to choose the right engagement ring for that special man or woman, though? That can be a leap in the dark. Don’t worry. We’re more than happy to guide you through the entire process. From choice of material and ring size to which finger to put the ring on.

How do I know what style to pick?

Have a sneaky peek at your intended’s wardrobe and look inside their jewellery box. Do they have mostly silver-coloured pieces? Or does gold prevail? This should determine your choice of material. We would also be happy to help you figure out the best style, of course.

How do I know what ring size I need?

The most accurate way to determine their size is for you to borrow a ring belonging to your partner so we can measure it. Note that this should be a ring worn on their ring finger!

How far in advance should I order an engagement ring?

Timing is key.Especially for engagement rings. Think about when you plan to ask the big question. You should count on three months for pieces from our collection, or four to five months for a new design.

What does an engagement ring cost?

Our diamond engagement rings start at 1200 euro. The ultimate price of your engagement ring will depend on the design, personalisation and choice of diamond.

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Frequently asked questions about engagement rings

Can we have our wedding rings engraved?2022-01-14T17:43:24+01:00

Yes, engraving your rings is no problem. We will integrate the inscription in the 3D print, ensuring beautifully sharp results. It’s traditional to have wedding rings engraved with your first names and the date, but feel free to think out of the box. A suitable quote, your favourite song lyrics, the place you met… Anything is possible!

How do I get to the studio?2022-01-14T17:40:45+01:00

Are you coming by public transport? From the Antwerp city centre, take tram 10 towards Wijnegem and get off at the ‘Cogelsplein’ stop. Coming by car? You can park around the corner on Rodekruisplein.

How far in advance should I make my appointment?2022-01-14T17:38:39+01:00

Timing is key.Particularly for wedding rings, engagement rings and gifts that are made to measure. You should count on three months for pieces from our collection, or four to five months for a new design.

We are looking for wedding rings. How does this work?2022-01-14T17:34:44+01:00

Congratulations! Go ahead and have a look at our collection of wedding rings. After that, make an appointment for an initial consultation at our studio to try out a few designs and discuss what you’re dreaming of. Make your appointment at least three months in advance for pieces from our collection or four to five months for a fully bespoke design.

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