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Buying gold jewellery

Nothing makes you shine like gold jewellery that’s made to measure for you to wear every day. Our preference for solid gold goes further than that, though. It also fits in with our sustainability goals. Gold is a sustainable, precious metal that can last for generations thanks to its strength, durability and timeless appeal. This does not hold true for gilded jewellery, where a layer of gold covers a different, base metal. Gilding tends to wear off quickly, affecting the aesthetics, while we want to assure you of long-lasting, quality jewellery.

Are you curious about which types of gold we use and why? We’re happy to explain it in clear and transparent terms.

Which gold to choose?

Our personalisation options also cover your choice of material. There are various types of gold we can use to create your jewellery. First of all, you can choose between white, yellow and rose gold. Your choice will depend on your personal style, what you find appealing and your current wardrobe and selection of jewellery pieces.

white gold
yellow gold
rose gold


If you buy jewellery from us, you may notice a number engraved on the inside of your ring. 750 stands for 18 carats and 585 for 14 carats. What does this mean, though?


Besides the gold’s colour, you can also select a specific carat weight. Pure, 24 carat gold is very soft and less suitable for jewellery that must last a long time. That’s why we offer you a choice of 14 or 18 carat gold. These are alloys of gold with other metals, which also influences the colour. Rose gold is made by adding copper, for example, and white gold contains palladium.


What is the difference between 14 and 18 carats? The difference is the percentage of pure gold. 18 carat gold is 18 out of 24 parts gold and is yellower and warmer in appearance – if you pick yellow gold, that is. Rose gold will look best at 18 carats, for instance. 14 carat gold contains a lower percentage of gold, making it somewhat more affordable, but also more resistant to wear and with its own quality appeal.

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Frequently asked questions about gold

What about platinum?2022-01-14T18:08:33+01:00

From time to time, we design platinum jewellery too. The great thing about this material is that it doesn’t just have a lovely silvery appearance, but just like gold, it’s hypo-allergenic. The silvery tone is also beautiful in combination with diamonds. Please note that platinum costs more than gold.

How should I care for my gold jewellery?2022-01-14T18:07:51+01:00

When you invest in gold jewellery, it’s important to care for it properly. Our care guide explains how to do so in detail.

How is the price of gold jewellery determined?2022-01-14T18:06:21+01:00

This depends on the gold price, the current daily price of gold. Just like oil, this price fluctuates daily. As we create all our designs on request, we can determine the price of your jewellery very precisely based on that day’s gold price.

Do you reuse old gold?2022-01-14T17:35:25+01:00

Due to our specific 3D printing technique, we cannot melt down old gold jewellery (such as your grandmother’s) to create new pieces. What you can do, however, is bring in your old jewellery and re-invest the value in new KUBINI jewellery. That way you’re contributing to recycling, your new jewellery will be more affordable and old pieces won’t gather dust in your jewellery box.

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